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Hello, Techcyst readers! We are excited to inform you that from today we are accepting your tech guest posts. For those, who are tech geeks, know trending ins and outs of the technology news, gadgets, reviews, applications, software, tricks, tips, guides about tech, and more. Here is an opportunity to reach out to the world; we are providing you an opportunity to write for us.

The technology industry is huge, so are the number of minds that can provide useful tips and guidelines about usage and installation of different gadgets. Techcyst aims to make the lives of our readers easier by providing quality and top-notch content.

What Guest Post at Techcyst means?

As we already know “several minds are better than one,” following this notion, we want to provide diversified content to our readers. A tech blog with different reviews from tech experts allows people to make the right decisions. Therefore, we are looking for expert guest-writers who are familiar with the tech industry and can explain technical processes in simpler and easier words to the readers.

In our opinion, the guest post makes a drop-dead effect. Why? Look! You write a post. After your post gets approved, it appears on the main page of the site. If you have chosen a high-quality site for placement, then you can be sure that your guest post will be seen and read by thousands of visitors. Hence, it’s a great chance for all the tech geeks to share their valuable capabilities with the world through us.

Why You Should Write For Us?

We invite all newbie bloggers, tech-experts, and freelancers to write for us. It’s a great chance to get more traffic to your article or blog. The main advantage of the guest posts are:

  • You can add a link to your own site or blog. If you are interesting to the reader, then he/she will click on it.
  • It will be a great help for the tech-community. By sharing your insights, you can help people get out of difficult problems.
  • If you properly optimize your post by tailoring it to specific keywords, then it will definitely get good positions in the search results and bring even more visitors.
  • You will get a good writing experience. Our team will guide you to improve your copy quality.
  • Great chance to get your name out. We will specifically mention the names of our guest-writers.
  • You can also become a regular guest-poster for our site if your content is good. We value useful and quality contribution to our site.

How To Write A Technology Guest Post That We Accept?

Friends, if you decide to write to us, then it must meet the following requirements:

  • Your post, like the site, should be similar to the topic of the blog.
  • The topic must be relevant; it can be on new tech trends, how-to guides, tech-advice, reviews, or any other tech-information that can be useful for our global audience.
  • The post size must be at least 800-1000 words.
  • The information must be interesting and relevant.
  • Use PNG format when adding images. Be mindful of using quality and original pictures for your content.
  • Get a quick overview of our website; follow a similar pattern in your article.
  • Each word must be original and your own. The text must be uniquely copyrighted (rewriting is not encouraged).
  • For submission; add all the images (maximum 3) in a zip file.
  • The articles must be SEO-optimized; use keywords. Otherwise, they will be rejected straight away.

You must understand that you can get all the benefits that we described above only if you interest the reader. We warn you that open advertising will not work. Therefore, do not waste your and our time.

Now Let’s Talk About Our Responsibilities! 

 We will encourage the posts that follow the above guidelines. We take following responsibilities:

  • At the end of each guest post, we will place the author’s name or nickname (depending on wishes) and an active link to his/her site or social media account.
  • We take care of editing the main post thumbnail, the rest of the images in the body of the article are at your discretion.
  • Also, we reserve the right to make necessary changes in your content, once it gets selected.

How To Submit Your Article?

For submitting your content, read the following guidelines, and share your content at the mentioned email ID:

  • Provide links to your active social media accounts (three) with your original avatar on them.
  • If you’re already a blogger, share a link to your website too.
  • Share the topics with us, our team will get back to you with the best-suited topic for our website.
  • After you get a go-ahead, start writing, and submit the document along with images (if any) in a zip file.
  • Our team will review it and get back to you.

How To Contact Us:

Email ID: [email protected]

If you really want to promote your blog or website, then this is exactly what you need. Looking forward to your guest posts!